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Seule à mon mariage (2018) – update: world premiere at Cannes ACID in May

Seule à mon mariage – a film by Marta Bergman, premiered in 2018 at Cannes, in the ACID section.

I’m playing the leading role, Pamela.

“Insolent, spontaneous, funny. Pamela, a young Roma, is different from other girls in her community. A single mother, she lives with her grandmother and her little girl in a small hut where the three of them share a bed. How can she reconcile the needs of her two-year old daughter and her dream of freedom? Pamela embarks on a journey into the unknown, breaking away from the traditions that suffocate her. “Lapin, pizza, amour”. All she has are three words in French and the hope that marriage will change her and her daughter’s destiny.”

Written by: Marta Bergman & Laurent Brandenbourger

Casting: Alina Serban, Tom Vermeir, Marian Samu, Rebecca Anghel, Viorica Rudareasa, Jonas Bloquet, Achille Ridolfi, Karin Tanghe, Lara Persain.

Producers: Frakas Productions, Avenue B Productions, Zélila Films, Hi Film (RO).


Media coverage, reviews and interviews:

  • Maria Dumora for ACID (EN/FR): “Like Pamela – played by the passionate Alina Serban, the film is not easily defined, juggling in its path the codes of its classic appearance. These frames, radical and with no mercy, accompany Pamela’s mad impulse in her attempt to enter, precisely, a new frame of life. Changing the frame, that’s what it’s about. But Pamela goes beyond the frame, the old, the new, and traces her own path. As in the style of Marta Bergman, It doesn’t fall into the temptation of exoticism or the expected tension of class relations and dynamics of the couple. The film takes shape as a discrete break in this unexpected as much as in the fine observation of its characters.In this learning story where, as in Renoir, “everyone has their reasons”, the film, of a subtle generosity, gives everyone the opportunity to seize it, to find its own way, to come out grown up and jostles in his fever the propriety of a classic narrative, of a programmed life.”



  • Cinevox (FR): “Au milieu de ce paysage glacé, une tornade. Alina Serban déploie une énergie dévorante et communicative, tour à tour butée ou vulnérable, ancrant son personnage aussi bien dans son village que dans ses rêves d’ailleurs.”
  • BX1 (FR)
  • Madame Fait son Cinema (FR)




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