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Poveste de Alina Șerban 

Iustrații de Vera Surățel

A story by Alina Șerban 

Illustrated by Vera Surățel


We invite you to discover the new format of the story "Home" by Alina Șerban, translated into several languages of international circulation! Cultural project funded by the Ministry of Culture, Romania

Audiobook music & edit: Lucas Molina Perez

Home is a comic book written by Alina Șerban and illustrated by Vera Surățel in 2020, in the context of pandemic.  It addresses both Roma children and adults, with heroes from the Roma community and, most importantly, told from a Roma perspective. It speaks about what it means to be a girl, Roma, poor, evacuated and institutionalized.     

Home was developed as a response to the lack of access to housing, the illegal forced evacuations of Roma people and the rise of nationalism and far-right hate. 

It is not only specific to Roma experience, but it also represents an universal story, helping non-Roma empathize with Roma characters and cultivating solidarity. It is a story that Roma children could see themselves in, feel proud of who they are and their skin tones, raising their self-esteem.

Acasa - preview - banda desenata de Alina Serban, ilustratii de Vera Suratel

Project supported by:

The comic book ‘Acasa’ was written and illustrated with the support of a grant offered by Fundația9.

The project was developed and made available to a larger audience with the support of The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture – ERIAC. The comic book was translated to English, French, Rromanes, Spanish, Russian and the Rromanes dialect of Spoitoreste.

Russian translation by Ludmila Pînzari

Spoitoreste translation by Sorin-Cristian Moisescu

Spanish translation by Lucas Molina 

French translation by Marine Leduc

English translation by Roxana Vasile

Rromanes translation by Daniel Petrilă

Acasă Home Chez nous Khere En casa Дом Chere

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Poveste de Alina Șerban, Ilustrații de Vera Surățel


A story by Alina Șerban, Illustrations by Vera Surățel

Chez nous

Une histoire racontée par Alina Șerban, Illustrée par Vera Surățel


Povèstè kat-e Alina Șerban, Kipuri kat-e Vera Surățel

En casa

Un cuento escrito por Alina Șerban, Ilustrado por Vera Surățel


Сказка Алины Сербан, Иллюстрации Веры Сурэцел


Paramița incanzi o Alinatar Șerban, Desenoia cerde o Veratar Surățel