Untold Stories Artistic Company


The Untold Stories Artistic Company’s mission is to promote Roma culture and to create a necessary platform for untold and marginalized Roma stories, using artistic tools to fight against discrimination.

Through artistic projects and research the company aims to foster communication and mutual understanding between non-Roma and the Roma community and to increase awareness of the cultural and social history of Roma people and their lived experiences.


As an independent artist, Alina Serban started her practice in 2009.

In 2015 she initiated the cultural project “Povești nespuse” (“Untold Stories”), implemented with the support of the Romano ButiQ Association and funded by a grant from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government.

The project’s aim was to end the silence that dominated the Romanian public space regarding the history of Roma slavery in Romania and the diversity of unrepresented Roma experiences. Within the project there were several events organized and a variety of materials realized: an evening of Roma fairy-tales, artistic happenings, the reading-performance of “The Great Shame” theatre play, research articles on Roma slavery and an e-book of Roma fairy tales.

Povesti Nespuse / Untold Stories

More info about this cultural project and useful resources

As a coherent step following the success of this project, Alina Serban founded the Untold Stories Artistic Company. The company will continue developing projects meant to promote Roma art and culture from a Roma perspective.

Cultural events/projects organized by the Untold Stories Artistic Company or in partnership with the Untold Stories Artistic Company

Part of the Romani Kultura festival organized by the Roma National Cultural Centre – CNCR Romano Kher

For the event “Connect All”, organized by the Sustainable Development Agency of Brasov County

A special event to mark the International Roma Day, organized by the Roma National Cultural Centre – CNCR Romano Kher

For the regional conference “Roma Woman – between destiny and prejudice” organized by the People2People Foundation

The performance was commissioned by the National Roma Agency (ANR) for their High level Conference on EU Framework on National Strategies for Roma Inclusion

Celebratory event marking 163 years since the abolition of slavery in Romania, in partnership with CNCR – Romano Kher and Excelsior Theatre

22 February = Roma Liberation Day

In partnership with the Ruhama Foundation and the “Cserey – Goga” high school